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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

" Coach Roy is a phenomenal MAN, on the front lines of life, through sports, daily helping our children.

The Nation Wide Academy prep school basketball program under his guidance is taking young men and giving them a chance. While the level of play the team exhibits and Coach Roys coaching style are a cut above the rest. It is the off the court play that I now speak of, embrace and report to you.

Besides working the young men for hours each day in practice. Coach Roy is molding and shaping their minds to accept responsibility. His one on one sessions in man building skills with the players ensures not only will their skills elevate. But after leaving Nation Wide Academy to be productive members of society, their minds will be in order to tackle the situations of life.

Other teams and coaches may focus on the glories of the game and life under the lights. But not Coach Roy and his stellar coaching staff( Coach BV, Coach L and Coach Sherman). Their realistic approach to basketball based on the boys growing up and evolving into team playing young men, is a breath of fresh air. We now have another Program in NWA that is all about the process of boys becoming men and their continued success in life!

On the court for sure he shines as a Coach. But it is the humongous strides, leaps and bounds that he makes in the mentality of the young Men that now I speak of and praise him for. I ask the Coach, if he could give me the teams mission statement in one overall sentence.

He did, without hesitating, full of passion Coach Roy replied by saying “NATION WIDE ACADEMY, WHERE ATHLETES ARE BORN AND MEN ARE FORMED”!"

Written By: David Wright 

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